Life with Harry Ha Ha

Life by the Pool

Don’t you just love summer. Hanging by the pool, watching Harry rock bob.




going in


got it

Then it’s time for Chef Salad…


Don’t you love summer!

Harry also had a visit to see his favorite vet Dr. Lewis. We really love him because he’s one of the people who helped Harry Ha Ha survive after he was rescued. Thank you Central Animal Hospital. We love you for what you have done for Harry and for the care you gave our 2 chow chow angels. Every visit I learn a bit more about Harry’s rescue and some of the history of the puppy mill he was from. Horrible, horrible place. They were using Harry as a stud when he was barely a year old. Inter breeding like crazy, brother and sister, litter after litter. No wonder none of his siblings were well enough to survive. Dr. Lewis seems to think that Harry is a German Shepherd/Basset Hound cross. Guess we’ll never really know. I do know from Harry’s attitude, the stud part is right, he struts around like he’s the King.

Nice surprise on a Sunday

A good friend from Sicamous flew in this morning to have breakfast with Harry and I. Harry got to check out what it was like to be the pilot. Unfortunately he was not cleared for take off. Thanks for breaki and the photo Terry.


Pool Time


Okay we have one reeeeeeeeeally happy little man, now. Got the wading pool set up and right away it was time to start bobbing for rocks. All my white decorative rocks that use to be around my trees are now in the pool. And all his squeaky toys and all his balls, plus 5 new ones from the dollar store. He had an absolute blast in there today. $16 for the pool, $5 for the balls, watching Harry chase the balls around in the pool – priceless!


He’s no dancer

Woke up really missing my black chow Bear this morning and discovered that poor little Harry Ha Ha’s legs are just too short to dance with me in the kitchen. Bear and I use to dance together all the time before she got too old. Harry was just looking at me, like, “really, are you freakin kidding? I’m not built for this!” Plus it was really hard on my back. Guess Harry’s built for rock hunting not rock and roll…

Day of cunning stunts!

Well last night, I was feeling bad that Harry Ha Ha had been home all day by himself and then had to spent the evening alone because I went to an Uncle Kracker concert. Was a great concert other than the strange (as in I did not know her AND she was just strange), drunk woman sitting next to me who kept trying to hug me and rub herself against me.  Goofy woman didn’t even get to see the headliner, she got kicked out after the opening act. Anyways, when I got home I was feeling bad so decided to play some kick ball with Harry before bed. So things are going great until I try to pysch Harry out with some fancy footwork then I discovered my hip bone is not built to do a 360 turn in the socket. One of those moments when as it’s happening, you’re thinking “Oh crap, this is gonna hurt”. Yipe, I was right. Limping today, looking forward heating pad and ice tonight. Think I better stick to rock bobbing with Harry…

Not the sharpest crayon in the box

Okay today I had the day off so Harry and I did a little shopping. Then went for a visit to Overlander Extended Care to see Harry’s grandma (my mom). For being such a good boy and letting all the people pat him on the head over and over and over, he got to have a new “baby” – a little white stuffed teddy bear. He wandered all over the house for the afternoon with his new baby and when it was time for the evening trip outside he had to take it with him. I followed him out to make sure he didn’t get the thing filthy before he came back in. He walks over to a bush, puts down his baby, has a little sniff around the bush, backs up, lifts his leg and pees all over his little white bear. Lord, good thing he’s cute, cause he’s not going to make it on intelligence.

Don't touch my baby!

Don't touch my baby!

Harry Ha Ha Rocks!

Okay I told you I’d tell you about Harry’s rock bobbing. Better yet I’ll show you. I submitted this picture today to the Ellen DeGeneres Show for her “How Facebook fans are keeping cool this summer”. Harry likes me to throw rocks in the water and then he bobs for them and brings them back to shore. I don’t know what happens to his eyes underwater but the rocks are always bigger then what I threw in. The rock in the bottom left hand corner is the dinner plate sized rock he pulled out after I threw in the little rock the size of a match book. The thing weighs about 20-25 lbs. The guy is nuts.


When he’s not rock bobbing he wants to play with his squeeze toys and balls. New toy on Saturday. Yipee!!! Had it all of 20 minutes and the squeaker quit working. I think the record is 4 minutes for destroying a squeak toy. Must have been tired on Saturday. Oh ya and he got a wading pool Mom needs to get filled up, with water and … rocks.


Check out the intense stare you get when you have a new toy in your hand.

Oh please let me have it, please, please, please!

Oh please let me have it, please, please, please!

Hello world!

Well here goes! Thanks Matthew and Mike for getting this old blonde up and running. Having gone from have 3 fur bearing children down to one in 6 months, my poor little Harry Ha Ha is getting an over abundance of his mom’s love and attention. He makes me laugh when I’m down, he plays me out when I need to sleep and he never says no to a big hug. Love ya Harry.

Once I figure this puppy blog out, I’ll fill you in Harry’s history, his brother and sister who are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and “Life with Harry Ha Ha”