Life with Harry Ha Ha

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Okay Harry’s definitely got Corgi in him

I found a couple of videos and pictures that confirm what I’ve always said. Harry is part Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Check out the way this guy run. That bunny hop bum move is exactly how Harry runs around the back yard. Kinda explains how he ran into the tree a few weeks back.


And check out mister mellow here. Bet if I found a kid’s swing Harry would do the same thing.


And this picture is just a smaller version of Harry.


I have to get Dr. Lewis to change Harry Ha Ha’s records.

And I couldn’t leave you without a little Harry story. Took him to the Farmer’s Market Friday night on the north shore. He was very good, met lots of people and was good when they wanted to pet him. We checked out all the vendors and then on the way back to the car him decided to go right in the middle of Spirit Square and have a nice, big poop. Lovely. Mom got to clean up after him to a full audience. What a kid!

Pretty cute are his bath!