Life with Harry Ha Ha

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Back to the vet we go…


Well Central Animal got Harry in at 9:20 and sure enough, he had to have surgery. He broke his tooth right down to the gum line so they had to dig out the root. It’s the one right in the middle so now he looks like he’s got buck teeth. Dr. Lewis says he will never been able to whistle again. And I’m guessing the corn on the cob days are over too. Met the most beautiful Rottie named Bear when I went to pick up Harry. Over a hundred and forty pounds of Rottweiler and just the sweetest guy. Lots of kisses. Boy I’m glad I don’t have to lift him up onto the exam table. Harry’s on DRUGS! For the next ten days anyways. Antibiotics to make sure he doesn’t get infection in his gums. Geez, a little cheese whiz and those pills are GONE! Dr. Lewis says all his other teeth are good and solid so I’m sure he’ll be back to rock bobbing in no time. Told Dr. Lewis now on top of being Harry’s doctor, he’s his dentist and his psychologist. He thought that was pretty scary. All in all I’m just happy to have Harry Ha Ha back home safe and sound. Love ya little man. Thank you again Central Animal Hospital and Dr. Lewis for loving him too.

Well this morning I came into work and the lovely Amanda, who calls me Mom presented me with a cookie in Harry’s honour.


Then at the end of the day Mairi came and gave me money from “the Tooth Fairy” to put under Harry’s pillow. Thanks ladies, you’re the best.