Life with Harry Ha Ha

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Life by the Pool

Don’t you just love summer. Hanging by the pool, watching Harry rock bob.




going in


got it

Then it’s time for Chef Salad…


Don’t you love summer!

Harry also had a visit to see his favorite vet Dr. Lewis. We really love him because he’s one of the people who helped Harry Ha Ha survive after he was rescued. Thank you Central Animal Hospital. We love you for what you have done for Harry and for the care you gave our 2 chow chow angels. Every visit I learn a bit more about Harry’s rescue and some of the history of the puppy mill he was from. Horrible, horrible place. They were using Harry as a stud when he was barely a year old. Inter breeding like crazy, brother and sister, litter after litter. No wonder none of his siblings were well enough to survive. Dr. Lewis seems to think that Harry is a German Shepherd/Basset Hound cross. Guess we’ll never really know. I do know from Harry’s attitude, the stud part is right, he struts around like he’s the King.