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Harry Ha Ha Rocks!

Okay I told you I’d tell you about Harry’s rock bobbing. Better yet I’ll show you. I submitted this picture today to the Ellen DeGeneres Show for her “How Facebook fans are keeping cool this summer”. Harry likes me to throw rocks in the water and then he bobs for them and brings them back to shore. I don’t know what happens to his eyes underwater but the rocks are always bigger then what I threw in. The rock in the bottom left hand corner is the dinner plate sized rock he pulled out after I threw in the little rock the size of a match book. The thing weighs about 20-25 lbs. The guy is nuts.


When he’s not rock bobbing he wants to play with his squeeze toys and balls. New toy on Saturday. Yipee!!! Had it all of 20 minutes and the squeaker quit working. I think the record is 4 minutes for destroying a squeak toy. Must have been tired on Saturday. Oh ya and he got a wading pool Mom needs to get filled up, with water and … rocks.


Check out the intense stare you get when you have a new toy in your hand.

Oh please let me have it, please, please, please!

Oh please let me have it, please, please, please!